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Indie Audiobook Producers and Narrators ACX and others
ACX Narrators
Audiobooks (community)
Audio Book Crowd
Audiobook Edge
Audiobook Lovers
Audiobook Narrators
Audiobook Narrator/Book Blogger
Audiobook Lovers
Audiobook Narrator/Book Blogger
Author-Narrator Cafe
Christain VO
Everything Audiobooks EARS
Narrating from PD
Ripley's Voice Over Rec Room
Voice Acting Aliance
Wonderful World of Audiobook Narration
Voice Over Support

Technical Focused Grouups:

Voice Over Artist and Booth Building
VO Tech Talk
VO Tech Tips

Technical Consultants and Software Training

Adobe Audition CC
Inside Audition

Audacity users forum
Audacity VO Users Group

Red Baarns Studio One
HST Studio One

Reaper VO Users Group
Reaper Blog
Reaper DAW

iZotope RX Users
Audio Rescue RX VO

Studio One Narrators
Studio One Mixng / Mastering Tutorials

YouTube Remember that the advice may be worth what you paid for it.

Audiofile Mag
Audiofile Podcast
Audiobook Speakeasy Drinks and Audiobook Talk


Patrick Fraley - Breathiing
Reducing Plosives - Sound Speeds
Mic Placement - Sound Speeds
Understanding common audio production problems - NPR
Ear Training Guide - NPR
Do you have the ears of an audio producer? NPR


Fixing Noises RX 7 Part 1
Fixing Noises Part 2
5 Mythis About How to become a professional audiobook narrator
Why narrating an audiobook is a lotharder than you think
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