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These books focus on the audio book industry as opposed to the voice over industry in general. Links are mostly to Amazon for your convenience. A listing here does not constitute an indorsement. I do not receive compensation if you buy through these links.
Be aware that you cannot learning everything necessary from a single source. Also short books will only give you a partial overview of working in the industry.
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ACX For Beginners (Self-Publishing Essentials Book 4) Kindle Edition by M.L. Humphrey Kindle Paper

Audiobook Narrator: The Art of Recording Audio Books Kindle Edition by Barbara Rosenblat Kindle
   Barbara's book Audiobook Narrator is not a how to book. There are plenty of those available. This book is like sitting down with an old friend and saying, tell me about this audiobook industry that you work in. She provides many personal stories from her own past about the path to recording audiobooks. She provides encouragement for the new comer while pointing out that this is not an easy career to follow. I would highly recommend this as a first read to anyone thinking about starting a career as an audiobook story teller.

Audiobook Narration Manual: How to Set Up a Home Studio and Record Audiobooks for a Living 1st Edition by Derek Perkins (Author) paper

Audiobook Recording: A Beginner's Guide to Producing Audiobooks using Audacity by Krystal Wascher Kindle

5 Steps to Better Audiobooks: An Indie Author’s Guide to Awesome Audio Productions (5 Steps Series) Kindle Edition by Julie C. Gilbert Kindle and paper

How to Create an Audiobook for Audible: Advice for Authors, Recording and Formatting Info, and More for ACX, Audible, and iTunes by Rob Archangel Kindle Edition

The Independent Author's Guide to Audiobook Production: A Professional Narrator's Secrets for Success on ACX Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Michael Burnette AB and Kindle

Narrate and Produce Your Own Audiobook: A Beginner's Guide Kindle Edition by A.J. Flowers kindle and paper

Narrated by the Author: How to Produce an Audiobook on a Budget by Renee Conoulty Kindle AB Paper

Recording Audiobooks: How to Get Started Recording Your Audiobook for Audible Audible Audiobook – Unabridged George Smolinski AB and Kindle

Storyteller: How to Be an Audio Book Narrator Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Lorelei King AB

The Stressed-Out Writer's Guide to Recording Your Own Audiobook: Stressed-Out Writer's Guides Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Kirk Hanley AB and Kindle

The Wonderful World of Audiobooks: Earn Money from Home as an Audiobook Narrator Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Laura Johnson AB and Kindle

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